{ by david linsin }

April 28, 2007

Sahara Marathon

The Sahara Marathon is an international run through the Sahara desert to show solidarity with the saharawi folks. They also have a half marathon there, so I though I'd practice for that, since it was pretty warm today. :-) Okay, I admit it wasn't nearly as hot as in the Sahara, but I was feeling it.

As part of my preps for the 8.8 km run next Saturday, I did a 16.3 km run today with about 80% of my max. heart rate, which is 156. That's no only a good heart rate to burn fats, but also to increase your stamina. It was really nice to run this distance again, after all the short and really exhausting runs. It was a little tedious to run that slow, cause sometimes I felt like I'm walking instead of running. Overall it was quite fun and I'm looking forward to start training for the half marathon.

I finished the 16.3 km after 1 hour and 41 minutes with an average heart rate of 154.



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